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Accessories and Modifications Ah the fun of enhancing your motorcycle. Here you will find retailers and advice.

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Default Installation of a Givi A240 on my 2004

Another busted box arrives at my doorstep.

Looks good!

Unpack the A258A fitting kit (sold separately)

Bolt on the kit first. I sanded, primed, and painted mine gray before this step.

Take the bolts off and remove the headlight.

Slide in the spacers from the kit and bolt on the screen. If the bolts won't catch inside the headlight you will have to take the light assembly out of the housing. Two screws on bottom of headlight. Line the bolts back up and tighten in place. Then cram all the wires back in and slide the top of the assembly into the housing first, then put the screws back in. Presto you are done.

Yes my markers changed during this project. Sorry no pics of that wouldn't want to see those.

The screen gets the gusts off your chest and makes for a more relaxing ride. Your head is still in the open but overall I am very please with the look and performance of this kit.

On a side note...this is an Acrylic screen...DO NOT use Rain-Ex or solvents containing alchol or other harsh cleaners. If you ever want to clean swirl marks caused by such cleaners you can use a commercial brass/metal polish and it works wonders.
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Nice job. I had that screen for a while then sold it. I kinda miss it sometimes... not because of wind protection, but purely from how the bike look with it on.
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