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Default A few issues

Hello new to this forum so please be gentle . I own a 98 CB600. Recently Iíve had trek fuel leaks in separate occasions. First was a T-piece that goes from the fuel line into the 1&2 carbs. Second was the seals on the T-piece for carbs 3&4. After that been running fine until today. Was in London and on the way home I stopped at a few sets of lights and the revs died and then cut out. Wouldnít start unless I used choke. Then died again when turning the choke off. While the engine is at the correct temperature. Had to stop for fuel and once Iíd filled up it was ok again until I got 5 mins from home and it died at aka set of light again. Got it started on choke and got it home. Any ideas? Second issue is Iíve recently done my clutch and all was fine until about a week ago when it started to slip when giving it more power.l or when itís cold any ideas on what this could be? Thanks in advance and sorry for the essay

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