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Default Battery issue?

So I hooked up one of those USB charging cables so I could charge my phone while riding.
I didn't know it but those things draw a small amount of voltage even when nothing is plugged in to them.

The bike sits for a week without being started and now I have a dead battery.
Dead, as in less than 4 volts.

Put the battery on a trickle charger, 24 hours later the battery is at 13.5 volts with no load, engine off.
At idle I have 13.10 volts.
2500 RPM I have 13.30 volts.
5000 RPM I have 13.25 volts.

Also...With the bike off, no load on the battery, I am seeing the voltage slowly creep downward. I am talking in the hundredths range.
Went from 13.10 to about 12.95 in less than an hour...Normal?

Also...I have read on here about the rectifier going bad.
How do I tell if mine is bad or going bad?
I noticed that the rectifier was hot to the touch when it was idling.
Is this normal?
I see what looks like cooling fins on it, so I assume it runs hot?

I'm gonna throw that damned USB charger in the garbage.
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