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Default Idle confusion


Some things happened, some stuff got modified, im just trying to figure out if im lean or rich.

Sometimes the bike starts right up, warm day, no choke, quick flick of the throttle and its good.
But at night, it kinda catches but wont actually start, so i add choke.
Now when i rev, it responds, but if i let it warm up forever, i still cant take it off choke without it dying.
Then the battery gets weak, and i bunp start it (which often works without choke)
So, ive found that revving it up round 5-6k, then closing the choke before it settles, allows it to idle kinda roughly for a bit.
But it rides fine. And its only starting that sucks.
Also, when iím riding and i close the throttle, theres not as much engine braking as im used to.
So Iím under the impression that its idling rich.
I had upped the pilot jets to 42, now Iím back down to 40, and slowly winding in the idle screws, currently 2 3/4 turns out.

But. The main jets.. well, they are up to 108/115 (outer/inner) and the impression I get at wot, is that the bike gasps for more, and cant get there. Like its too lean to accelerate more.

So this is confusing. How could i have ended up needing bigger main jets, but same or smaller pilots?
Or am i reading the signs wrong?

Im tempted just to take it to a rolling road and get them to sort t, but I have more edits to make first (just need the f&£ing thing to start for now), tired of bump starting it.
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Default Re: Idle confusion

Sounds lean to me. Poor start, hanging revs when you open your throttle ...

Check this out, it's very helpful:

This says you can troubleshoot roughly by either constricting your intake or taking out the air filter. Take your side cover off, and put your hand over the snorkel?

For what it's worth, my fuel screws are 3.5 turns out, but I've got a K&N filter and a slip-on.
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