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Default Low power while riding, possible running on 3 cylinders

I pulled my 04 599 out of storage for 2 years (!!) last week and it's running a bit rough.. The bike idles beautifully, but when you put it under load it's pretty gutless. If I let it idle for a while and blip the throttle it's perfect the first time, but then if I try to rev it again it struggles a bit.

I stored the bike with seafoam, and when I ran it this week I drained the tank first, put in new gas and added some more seafoam to help hopefully.

I did the exhaust header heat check while running and all headers were pretty hot. Didn't actually check temperatures though.

I checked all cylinders for spark and they're all good. Pulled the plugs and three were slightly moist with fuel, and one was dry; otherwise they all looked fairly similar.

Air filter is clean.

What do you guys think? My inclination is a jet is gummed up? Is it possible it could be the fuel cut off valve thing that is above the carb, or secondary air cleaner? Anything else worth checking before pulling the carbs?


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